Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What NOT to wear

Once upon a time....there was this lady who forgot how to dress with taste. She woke up one morning and didn't even know what size she wore.

Apparently some tainted frog prince that she had kissed on the previous day had cast an evil spell on her.

When she looked in the closet, what she saw vs. what was actually there, were two totally different things.

She pulled out a beautiful cobalt blue dress that looked great with her complexion and offset her auburn shoulder length curls exquisitely.


With a smile on her face and a extra swing of confidence in her hips, she put on this lovely "new" dress.

Stepping in front of the mirror, she was rewarded with a vision of beauty from her head to her toes. Lustrous bouncing curls...peaches and cream skin, buxom bosoms followed my that hollywood hourglass figure... shapely legs and petite ankles.

Low and behold, in the closet were a pair of the perfect shoes to offset those delicate feet...


She was thrilled with herself.

And off she went to begin her day.

Walking down the street with her bag stroller


Full of her knitting and lunch and other daily necessities.

And onto the bus she stepped.

No one could take their eyes off of her. Thus boosting her moral all the more.

Little did she know that what she had actually put on that morning was a bumble bee dress, 2 sizes too small (causing the ever dreaded sausage effect)...with a black belt around her non existent waist.


except for when she sat down and it transformed into a belt around her breasts.