Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clowns Really ARE Scary!

It's a Friday evening and the bus is loaded with people. Standing room only. Yours truly was lucky enough to have a seat. No bus poll dancing for me that night. (you can thank me later)

I'm reading a book and notice out of the corner of my eye some really odd looking, rather large lime green and white

My eyes slowly move up.....

Striped red and white socks

Short blue pants with white stripe up the side... red suspenders

Red and blue striped shirt

Smeared white makeup

Half of a red exaggerated smile (the rest looked like he had a stroke during the application and then forgot to finish wiping it off)

Short brown hair, sticking up everywhere. Not sure if that was on purpose or just from a long day.

Then he opened his mouth and you couldn't understand a word he said. I think he thought he knew english.

I have my serious doubts.

I really felt sorry for the cute young, newly married couple across from me. This deranged clown kept trying to talk to them. The couple was so polite...bless their hearts...they kept shaking there heads. And the clown pressed on

The heads kept shaking NO. The poor gal even started to get this worried, apologetic look on her face like she wants to say..."Please....I don't understand and I don't want you to look at me anymore...stop talking, I really can't understand a word you're saying!"

furtive glance at hubby...that pleading look that says "doooo something!!"

Then he reached into a bag......while babbling in his horrible, still not understood englishy language. "amay for ju annie mabayoon"

I was getting a little nervous. What do scary, crazy ass clowns keep in their bag of tricks?

He pulled out....

a balloon. Of course. duh.....balloon animals anyone? Dude, we're on a bus, trying to get home from work...we're tired, its the end of the day, the end of the WEEK. This isn't a 7 year olds birthday party (btw, that 7 yr old would've ran to his room crying after one look at that clown).

I seriously wish I had thought to take a picture of this guy.

He was relentless...he kept looking around the bus trying to talk people into one of his animal balloons.

hmm...instead of averting my eyes, frantically avoiding eye contact...I should've let him make one for me. Now that hes long gone and of no threat, I'd be curious to know what kind of balloon animals a scary ass clown makes....great white sharks? vampire bats? wolverines?

oooh....maybe he makes rattlesnakes....that'd be more his speed.

Lets just get this clown off the bus before he trips someone with those damn shoes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here's Your Sign.....

Nope...I didn't have any smelly people on the bus ask me what my sign is. Although when I looked at them, I envisioned special signs around each of there necks....

* girl with wet hair, wearing too much Amber Romance - "Wannabe Future Herbal Essence Star"
*smelly old man going home to his wife - "Wife Repellent"
*unbathed kids - "Future Germaphobic"

However, there are other signs...both visible and invisible. And lets not forget the visible ones that are selectively invisible, apparently.

Case in point: The Orange Line has its own road. For buses only! No traffic, no idiots on the road to deal with. (just idiots on the bus)

At least thats how it should be.

On my way home there was a police car parked in the bus lane at one of the stops. Not a normal occurrence (when police visit the stops, they park somewhere else).

hmm...whats that ahead of the police car? A car! A regular everyday street car.

Getting a ticket.

Because he didn't see the HUGE ass sign?

What part of DO NOT ENTER did he not understand?

Here's Your Sign!

What about invisible signs. Or...actions....expressions? Mixed signals?

The little walking person is going in the same direction as the arrow.

It says not to walk, but to use the crosswalk. Should I......skip?

Then there's the man in the wheelchair, dressed in black leather pants, black vans, tatoos. Kinda looked like a washed up hair band member (drummer would be my guess since he played the air-drums the whole time). Did I mention that he was maybe in his 60's? and had straw like black died hair? It seemed that....his legs worked fine. He zooomed (literally zoomed, almost knocking the old lady down in front of him) his wheelchair into place and then proceeded to use his legs to brace himself from rolling forward at each stop. He even stood up once. I dunno about you, but that was a little bit confusing.

What about the guy that frowns at you the whole time he's staring at your breast? Guess he's not real happy about what he's looking at. (Then STOP looking!!)

Be careful about that seemingly polite man who offers you his seat. Especially when he stands right in front of you. Where do you look??? (Can't he go stand in front of a blind man or something?)

I no longer try to have conversations with other people on the bus. (first of all, you discover that they have bad breath the minute they open their mouth) Ever since I talked to a very nice older woman who looked at me and gave me the sweetest smile, nodding her head as I talked. Come to find out...she didn't understand a bit of english. Photobucket

Maybe now I know who to tell my deepest secrets too.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Smellies on The Bus

Whenever you get a large group of people together, there are going to be smells....scents, odors, good, bad and just plain ugly.

Guess what people! You have control over some of this. Water and soap will take care of a majority of the problems. Moms....bathe your kids! Wives....good lord, how can you live with that smelly man?! Tell him. For the love of Pete (or for Pete's sake.). Geeze, forget it for ME!

When you see a homeless person, you just automatically breathe a little shallower until you're out of their odorous range. When you see a laborer at the end of the can bet that smell is body odor, not onions. (But go ahead, keep fooling yourself. I's always easier to think that you're smelling onions).

It's those in betweens that get you. The old man with a nicely pressed shirt, who apparently doesn't believe in deodorant. Look mister, you're no longer living in a 3rd world country. Deodorant is sold on every corner. Shit, you can even buy it from your local liquor store or 7-Eleven. You're in America and as a general rule here, we shower more than once a week! You just might even be one of those people who should shower more than once a DAY!! (imagine that! Showering on a daily basis). Yup....turn that knob and water comes out 24 / 7 (provided you've paid your water bill of course).

It's the little boy and little girl who seem to be wearing clean clothes but as they sit next to me, it becomes obvious that bathing has been absent in their bedtime routine. A second look at mom tells me she's a little off. One of those older moms that kinda remind you of a different era....60's perhaps? Prim and proper and a little to attached to polyester. And why is this little boy, who appears to be pushing 3 years old, still drinking for a bottle? I'm thinking a little therapy might be in his future.

But not all odors are created equal. The minute I stepped on the bus, my senses were bombarded with a familiar scent.....Amber Romance by Victoria's Secret. Which use to be one of my favorites. Until I discovered that the girl, seated 10 rows behind me....ya, the one with the wet hair, has bathed in the stuff. My suspicions were confirmed when the air was clear the moment she got off the bus. Hasn't anyone ever told her that too much of a good thing is bad? I wonder what scent she was trying to cover up? Not that I ever really want to know for sure.

Then there's the inevitable. That distinct, disgusting, unmistakable little thing they call flatulence. The (sometimes) silent gagger (although when you're on a bus the noise will always drown out the sound)....and you have NO idea where it came from....who did it? You can't even be sure who to frown at or get away from. And all the while, you're just praying to God that the people around you don't think it was from YOU! Photobucket

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Slow Bus

Have you ever seen a bus driving down the street, going less than 5 miles an hour because the guy in front of it was.......

in a WHEELCHAIR!? heard me right. A guy in one of those motorized wheelchairs decided to bypass the wheelchair accessable sidewalk and zoom down the middle of the street instead. And not just any street mind you. But the street where all the buses enter and exit the North Hollywood bus terminal. Talk about a traffic jam. Guess he figured his little ole chair had enough g-forces to withstand the caos of everyday traffic and could hang with the big boys.

Apparently wind in your hair can be deceiving.

I suppose the old guy made it. I didn't see him again after he zipped around the corner with a couple of buses fast on his trail.

I hope the bus drivers didn't get a ticket for tail-gating. Or would it be the wheelchair driver that got the ticket?

. o O (Do wheelchairs have break lights?)

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Hazzards of Sleeping on the Bus

There's something about traveling in a car, in a plane...and apparently on a bus, that makes you want to close your eyes and drift away. I guess its that constant droning of the engine and the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) rocking.

Sleeping in a car is easy (hopefully you're not the one driving), its your family car and you're with people you know. Sleeping in a plane is acceptable and sometimes expected. Long flights, long days, long nights....heck, they even give you pillows.

But sleeping on a bus (unless its the greyhound bus going cross country) is....I dunno.... irresponsible?

Every morning I see at least one person sleeping on the bus. How can they do that? How do they know when to wake up?

And what do you do if the guy next to you starts snoring! Photobucket

I've seen a student jump out of his seat after dozing off and realizing he'd missed his stop. hmmm....did he get detention for being late...possibly, again?!

I've seen grown men wake with a startle, looking around as if they're lost, wondering what stop is next....did they miss their stop too? When they get to work late, I wonder if they'll admit that they fell asleep or if they'll blame it on the transit system..."The bus was late."

And what about the things that a sleeping person does, besides snoring? The more embarrassing things....drooling? .......farting? Of course that stench could be coming from the lady next to the sleeping man but what a great scape goat....blame it on the sleeping man. After all, he can't really deny it, can he?

Don't you just love the public.

What if someone stole your stuff while you were sleeping? Guess that could be a new excuse for the student who didn't do his homework..."Someone stole it on the bus while I was sleeping". That's way better than "the dog ate it".

I've missed my stop one time! And it wasn't because I fell asleep. I was just too busy texting and didn't pay attention to where we were. But when I got to work, I just told them...

"Sorry I'm late. I fell asleep on the bus."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Common Courtesy and a Few Tips

The general public is rude, inconsiderate and basically unconscious. Now I'm not saying that everyone is like that. I'm not even saying that someone is always like that. But when you get people out in the public forum.....there's always someone in "general public" mode (I'm guilty...I've been there too). But some things just should not happen......

1. Talking on the phone in public in your outdoor voice.
Just because you can hardly hear the person your talking to cuz of the loud noise on the bus doesn't mean that they can't hear you....there's NO reason to yell. Cuz seriously, I'm 15 or 20 seats away from you and I really don't want to hear what your dumb ass brother did to his girlfriend over the weekend. Nor do I want to hear you YELL sweet nothings into the phone while talking to your boyfriend.

2. Coughing in public etiquette.
When in public it is always advised to cover your germ spewing mouth while coughing. Especially when the general public is petrified of the Swine Flu. And you stupid-ass lady two seats away....when you cover your're suppose to COVER your mouth. Putting your hand on your cheek next your mouth while coughing doesn't DO SHIT!!

3. Giving up your seat for the elderly.
When you see a 60+ year old lady, especially on a bus, standing up, you should give up your seat so she can sit down. Ya, I'm talking to you, you stupid wanna be gang member punk ass shit head kid. Get off your ass and let that little old lady sit down! I'd offer my seat but it would be harder for her to walk all the way down here than it would be for her to just have YOUR seat! Besides, I'm almost a little old lady myself.

4. Cussing in public.
Not that I don't cuss. And I'm not saying I don't cuss in public. I'm just a little picky about where I am and who's around me when I cuss. For example, when I'm around my grandmother, I don't cuss. When I'm around children, I don't cuss.
There was this really huge ugly guy sitting next to a really old tiny lady. His cellphone rang and instantly he started cussing....fuck this, bitch that, shit, fuck, damn, fuck, dumb ass...etc etc. After a minute of listening to that I realized he was talking to his girlfriend. Calling HER those names. He was complaining about her getting mad at him for not being able to talk every time she calls. Apparently he's a busy guy and can't always talk on the phone at the drop of a dime.
There are several issues I have with this scene. The poor old lady who's sitting next to him (she must've been pushing 80) who has to hear his charming verbiage, close up and almost personally. Did I mention they were sitting 3 seats away? And he had one of those booming voices. I really wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up!! But after looking at him....ummm....he was probably twice my weight (and I'm no skinny bones jones)....and since the next stop was the last stop, I knew he was getting off at the same stop I was and I really didn't want to have to get my ass kicked by some wacked fat guy. Whooo, btw should be jubilant that he even HAS a dumb ass, fucking bitch of a girl friend. Cuz to be honest, you couldn't pay me enough to go out with his obese ass, let alone call him my boyfriend.

5. Body odor.
If you haven't showered in days.....PLEASE do not get on my bus. Hell, you shouldn't even be out in public. Your clothes are clean. Your shoes don't have holes in them, so I know you're not homeless. Even if you ran out of soap....water, just water is better than nothing! If YOU can smell you, then trust can the rest of us!

Ok...I feel soooo much better now that I've gotten that off my chest. Either that or I just feel better cuz I've had a glass or 2 of Limoncello. mmmm.....Lets just say its a combo thing and call it day cuz I'm really tired.