Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Slow Bus

Have you ever seen a bus driving down the street, going less than 5 miles an hour because the guy in front of it was.......


Yep...you heard me right. A guy in one of those motorized wheelchairs decided to bypass the wheelchair accessable sidewalk and zoom down the middle of the street instead. And not just any street mind you. But the street where all the buses enter and exit the North Hollywood bus terminal. Talk about a traffic jam. Guess he figured his little ole chair had enough g-forces to withstand the caos of everyday traffic and could hang with the big boys.

Apparently wind in your hair can be deceiving.

I suppose the old guy made it. I didn't see him again after he zipped around the corner with a couple of buses fast on his trail.

I hope the bus drivers didn't get a ticket for tail-gating. Or would it be the wheelchair driver that got the ticket?

. o O (Do wheelchairs have break lights?)

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