Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Some rides are scary crazy

There's a difference between crazy...and CRAZY! The latter can be unnerving and well....really scary.

Imagine...sitting on a bench seat on the bus and some skinny little guy with a majorly bad hair day sits on the bench seat across from you. He looks a little wild-eyed but hey...we all have those days.

Then it begins. The talking. To himself. Then arguing. Reprimanding....raised voice. Shifting and restless. More arguing. Apparently he was bad and someone in his head was yelling at him. Then....


Whew...it's over.


The voices in his head start up again. He glances at me a few times. I think I began to sweat a little and tried not to let him know that I was watching him. No eye contact...please!!

Then it happened!

He stood up suddenly...facing me.

Oh crap!

I stopped breathing.

My eyes must have gotten huge! (would've been a good time for a selfie...just to see the expression on my face.)

He took two forceful steps towards me....stopped right in front of me and reached out.

Did the voices in his head know that I was praying to GOD? Did it piss them off? Did they tell him to attack me cuz they didn't like my praying?

Then suddenly he changed directions a bit and reached over to the left....

Where, low and behold...there was a rack right next me. Full of bus route pamphlets.

He then promptly returned to his side of the bus and sat down.

I breathed!

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