Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Melting Pot

So I'm sitting on the bus (just like I always do) and I notice a man who's on the verge of passing out. The old man next to him (assuming it's his dad?) poured water on his neck...no reaction. The man could barely keep his head up...or open his eyes. The old man was trying to keep him awake so they can get off the bus at the end of the route. The drunk (I'm assuming he was drunk as the old man wasn't too concerned) started sweating....wiped his face, unzipped his jacket. He was even a little pale. This could've been from the water that the old man made him drink. You know what that's like....don't you? You're drunk off your ass and water just makes you nauseous.

So, I'm watching...waiting for him to puke. Is it bad for me to say I was disappointed? Cuz it really would've made this story more interesting. Especially if I could've gotten a pic. Or better yet....a video! Cuz I know you all would've loved that. Sure you would've said "eeewwww" out loud in your living room, even though you're alone....but we all live for the drama of others, right?

As this is going on, an older lady next to me decides to tell me (in her foreign accent and all) about how she dropped a beer bottle on the floor and it broke..... and how a small piece of glass flew into her eye...and wanted to know what to do about it. See a doctor lady....and stop rubbing your eye! Seriously, you don't want to damage your cornea or something. And no....water rinsing isn't enough. It's glass! Just go to a doctor. But no, she can't for some time. Ok then...get some eyewash I guess. Get it at CVS...but for GODS sake....STOP RUBBING IT!! It won't make the pain go away.

Did I mention the creepy guy sitting across from me? No? Well...he was one of those guys with no expression, wearing super dark shades, making it impossible to see his eyes. Not that I wanted to see them or anything. But, well, with every bump and shake of the bus, my breasts jiggled...which makes me self-conscious. I know I have breast...and they aren't small....but there's a reason I don't run. So this man across from me who's facing me....I can't tell if he's looking at me, or what. I mean...how am I suppose to know if I should give him a dirty look or not?

Thank God for the sweet gal that sat next to me for a short time before getting off at the college. We discussed the differences between real cigarettes and vapor cigarettes. We're both waiting to see how much worse for you the vapors one's are.

Hmmm...I wonder if you can puff vapors on the bus.

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  1. Hooray, you are posting here again. Love your stories. You make me giggle, hearing about your bus adventures. Thank you for letting us know on FaceBook to look here for your posts.