Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Common Courtesy and a Few Tips

The general public is rude, inconsiderate and basically unconscious. Now I'm not saying that everyone is like that. I'm not even saying that someone is always like that. But when you get people out in the public forum.....there's always someone in "general public" mode (I'm guilty...I've been there too). But some things just should not happen......

1. Talking on the phone in public in your outdoor voice.
Just because you can hardly hear the person your talking to cuz of the loud noise on the bus doesn't mean that they can't hear you....there's NO reason to yell. Cuz seriously, I'm 15 or 20 seats away from you and I really don't want to hear what your dumb ass brother did to his girlfriend over the weekend. Nor do I want to hear you YELL sweet nothings into the phone while talking to your boyfriend.

2. Coughing in public etiquette.
When in public it is always advised to cover your germ spewing mouth while coughing. Especially when the general public is petrified of the Swine Flu. And you stupid-ass lady two seats away....when you cover your're suppose to COVER your mouth. Putting your hand on your cheek next your mouth while coughing doesn't DO SHIT!!

3. Giving up your seat for the elderly.
When you see a 60+ year old lady, especially on a bus, standing up, you should give up your seat so she can sit down. Ya, I'm talking to you, you stupid wanna be gang member punk ass shit head kid. Get off your ass and let that little old lady sit down! I'd offer my seat but it would be harder for her to walk all the way down here than it would be for her to just have YOUR seat! Besides, I'm almost a little old lady myself.

4. Cussing in public.
Not that I don't cuss. And I'm not saying I don't cuss in public. I'm just a little picky about where I am and who's around me when I cuss. For example, when I'm around my grandmother, I don't cuss. When I'm around children, I don't cuss.
There was this really huge ugly guy sitting next to a really old tiny lady. His cellphone rang and instantly he started cussing....fuck this, bitch that, shit, fuck, damn, fuck, dumb ass...etc etc. After a minute of listening to that I realized he was talking to his girlfriend. Calling HER those names. He was complaining about her getting mad at him for not being able to talk every time she calls. Apparently he's a busy guy and can't always talk on the phone at the drop of a dime.
There are several issues I have with this scene. The poor old lady who's sitting next to him (she must've been pushing 80) who has to hear his charming verbiage, close up and almost personally. Did I mention they were sitting 3 seats away? And he had one of those booming voices. I really wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up!! But after looking at him....ummm....he was probably twice my weight (and I'm no skinny bones jones)....and since the next stop was the last stop, I knew he was getting off at the same stop I was and I really didn't want to have to get my ass kicked by some wacked fat guy. Whooo, btw should be jubilant that he even HAS a dumb ass, fucking bitch of a girl friend. Cuz to be honest, you couldn't pay me enough to go out with his obese ass, let alone call him my boyfriend.

5. Body odor.
If you haven't showered in days.....PLEASE do not get on my bus. Hell, you shouldn't even be out in public. Your clothes are clean. Your shoes don't have holes in them, so I know you're not homeless. Even if you ran out of soap....water, just water is better than nothing! If YOU can smell you, then trust can the rest of us!

Ok...I feel soooo much better now that I've gotten that off my chest. Either that or I just feel better cuz I've had a glass or 2 of Limoncello. mmmm.....Lets just say its a combo thing and call it day cuz I'm really tired.


  1. OMG...ROFLMAO for reals chicky! HILARIOUS! Sorry it took me so long to make it over, but damn glad I did make it. Ok, so don't forget about the aqua velva and jean nate. LOL Can't wait to hear more! (give me warning tho, else I'll spew/waste good wine all over my laptop screen ahahahahaha)