Friday, July 3, 2009

The Hazzards of Sleeping on the Bus

There's something about traveling in a car, in a plane...and apparently on a bus, that makes you want to close your eyes and drift away. I guess its that constant droning of the engine and the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) rocking.

Sleeping in a car is easy (hopefully you're not the one driving), its your family car and you're with people you know. Sleeping in a plane is acceptable and sometimes expected. Long flights, long days, long nights....heck, they even give you pillows.

But sleeping on a bus (unless its the greyhound bus going cross country) is....I dunno.... irresponsible?

Every morning I see at least one person sleeping on the bus. How can they do that? How do they know when to wake up?

And what do you do if the guy next to you starts snoring! Photobucket

I've seen a student jump out of his seat after dozing off and realizing he'd missed his stop. hmmm....did he get detention for being late...possibly, again?!

I've seen grown men wake with a startle, looking around as if they're lost, wondering what stop is next....did they miss their stop too? When they get to work late, I wonder if they'll admit that they fell asleep or if they'll blame it on the transit system..."The bus was late."

And what about the things that a sleeping person does, besides snoring? The more embarrassing things....drooling? .......farting? Of course that stench could be coming from the lady next to the sleeping man but what a great scape goat....blame it on the sleeping man. After all, he can't really deny it, can he?

Don't you just love the public.

What if someone stole your stuff while you were sleeping? Guess that could be a new excuse for the student who didn't do his homework..."Someone stole it on the bus while I was sleeping". That's way better than "the dog ate it".

I've missed my stop one time! And it wasn't because I fell asleep. I was just too busy texting and didn't pay attention to where we were. But when I got to work, I just told them...

"Sorry I'm late. I fell asleep on the bus."

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  1. LOL, one time, in band camp...I fell asleep coming home to Indy from California on a greyhound. Woke up and my head was nestled on some weirdo's shoulder (shock face) He just smiled (with one tooth) and said, "hehehe, boney ain't it?" OMG, never never AGAIN!